"Miradas Manufacturadas"

This project has its origin in Venice, in the pieces I made then to express the impact that living in that city meant for me. Since then, the idea of how our way of looking, of perceiving our surroundings and of understanding the reality that surrounds us has deeply interested me. I realize that understanding all this is conditioned by the points of reference in my life, as well as by the different scenarios in which I have lived my life; also in a fundamental way, because of my own experiences and the experiences of those I hold near.


With this thought in mind, dissolved and ambiguous, I resumed the project of "the eyes that look to understand" that had begun in Venice. The nature of this project is closely related and affected by the choice of the materials I have worked with.

Selected Works

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"Miradas Manufacturadas"

Commentary by Emilio Raimondo 

Venice does not exist unless you look at it with your eyes, beyond your mind.


Each work, which wants to be called a work of art, exposes itself to this dramatic court: who does not see that work as a work of art, who does not recognize it, sees it as an object among others. Carmen does not represent 'Venice'. Venice no longer exists other than in the eyes of the beholder. Carmen stages the ‘eyes’, and Venice no longer exists because nobody looks at it. Carmen does it, and makes it live...

"Los modos de mirar de Jabaloyes en Ana Serratosa"

Article in MAKMA magazine, by Merche Medina

La Galería Ana Serratosa acoge, hasta enero de 2020, la exposición ‘Miradas Manufacturadas’, de Carmen Jabaloyes, un proyecto en el que la artista valenciana, de fecunda trayectoria internacional –con galería en Washington, Boston o Düsseldorf– retorna a la obra escultórica –tras varios años dedicada a la pintura–, disciplina en la que se formó en sus inicios en la Universidad de València y de Venecia....